Religious Identity- Jon Epps and Ali Raetz

January 22, 2018

In this podcast, Jon and Ali discuss the topic of religious identity and share what they learned together through a process of cultural engagement in a communications class Ali took at WWU Fall Quarter of 2017.


Made From Dust - Madison Yoder

June 27, 2017

Madison Yoder tells her story of finding empathy through the art program at WWU and starting her small business called Made From Dust. Find her on Instagram & Facebook @made.from.dust


2017 Anointing & Baptisms

June 2, 2017

Opening Remarks: INN Director - Jon Epps

Anointing: Jon Simmons, Laura Domek, Jack Bloss & Ali Raetz. 

Baptisms: Chloe Hovind, Salina Boney & Sydney Dore.